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Why I Wrote This Book?

We usually get know war and war activities from televison - which shows us only what the camera can capture - or from the description of higher-ranking officers, who, throughout history, have used on kind of cliches: we came, we recognized the situation, we gave orders, they were obeyed and wepreceived medals...

I had an opportunity to view this from a defferent perspective, the perspective of simple soldiers, who are not interested in geopoliticical background or how it influences the international situation. They came to a foreign land, "thrown" by politicians, decisions and commanders orders. Those commanders didn`~t take soldiers feelings into consideration because as the saying goes :the army is not to discuss but to obey the orders, for the glory...". The general rule of the majority of soldiers on missions is simple - do your job without hurting anybody and come out alive. If somebody says something else, it means that he almost nover leaves the army grounds, hit head is filled with dreams of a career and is probabky an officer of a major rank - sameone who is beginning to climb the career ladder.

I had a chence to get to know the military mission inside out and without the political filter, which convinced me to pass this picture along so it wouldn`t disappear.

We have to realize that 80% of the soldiers coming back from missions have PTSD, posttraumatic stress disorder, which often goes unnoticed at the beginning but, as time goes by, affects their lives. This fact and conversations with a military psychologist made me write a novel full of military humor, which is supposed to show that despite the dangers, there were moments of laughter and humior helping soldiers to de-stress. And if by my writing I help some of these comrades return to a normal life and forget the wartime stress, then my mission is complete. And to those who have never been on a mission overseas, I present unique literature, different from anything they are used to.

Best regards and happy reading.

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